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What is hypnotherapy?

There has often been confusion about what hypnosis or hypnotherapy is all about. Much of the confusion is brought about by the lack of knowledge of the phenomenon of the hypnotic state and the misuse of this state for the purpose of entertainment.

Sensible and dedicated Hypnotherapists do not contaminate their work by demonstrating on a public stage the healing abilities of hypnosis.

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Society Information

This Society was founded in 1984 and was dedicated to the furtherance of Clinical Hypnotherapy in New Zealand, and to establish Professional Standards of Practice, which would be acceptable to traditional health providers.

The Registered and Full Members are all professionally trained and properly qualified health practitioners of hypnotherapy who hold a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Many of our members achieved their diplomas of Clinical Hypnotherapy through the New Zealand School of Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is a Private Training Establishment A strict behavioural code of ethics is maintained through the Society ethics and disciplinary committee and all members of the public are rigorously protected.

NZSCAH is a non-profit organisation being an Incorporated Society registered with the New Zealand Companies office. Membership dues are reinvested in various ways to promote the aims and objectives of the Society and hypnotherapy in New Zealand. A voluntary executive management ensures full accountability.